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Maxime Jacquet began his career after coming to Los Angeles, California at age 19. Originally from Liege Belgium, he has been taking the industry by storm. His first residential project was published in VOGUE, a few years later Elle Decor named him  "The Bad Boy of Design '' because of his fusion of fashion and lifestyle that has every celebrity seeking his tastemaker abilities for custom interior design.
"I create a dream for my clients which is all based on their personality, lifestyle and interior desires. Most of my clients don't expect that I'm going to change their life, but all are pleased with the result."
Maxime has designed houses for many Hollywood celebrities as well as famous CEOs. With projects all over the globe in places such as Paris, New York, South Beach and of course Beverly Hills, California.
"I never follow trends, I create them. My clients don't just get a new interior, they get a new world to live in. My designs are constantly evolving and bring a special life force to their space. Whether it's a minimalist space  or glamorous home with 17 bedrooms, I'm going to create a concept that no one has seen or experienced before."
Maxime Jacquet doesn't only design residential interiors, he also expands into the commercial market, designing hotels and nightclubs. He is currently working on some new locations in West Hollywood and Hollywood, California.

As Maxime continues to expand and exercise his designing abilities, he's becoming more and more known around the globe in publications online and prints, and soon he will be a lead in a new TV show for national viewing. 
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